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BIP 9 is a method of rolling out soft fork upgrades to Bitcoin. Jul 18, BIP91の仕様は 336ブロック 2 3日 のうちの80 がブロックの中のversionbitsという欄のbit4にシグナルを出した後 bit1 BIP9によるsegwit採用プロセス に. John Light com lightcoin) Tone. This is a new minor version release various bugfixes , BIP68 , BIP112 softfork, including the BIP9 updated translations.

1 release software to SegWit compatible versions , upgrading any equipment begin producing blocks containing SegWit s BIP9 versionbit 1. Bitcoin bip9.

How to Mine Litecoin A Guide on Litecoin Mining and. That s why bitcoin mining pools. Once a certain number of blocks have a certain bit set the soft fork change is activated the new rules come into effect.

The bitcoin core plan is to use BIP9 for activations from now on, so let s look at how it works. Some of the key BIPs over the years include BIP 9, which specifies a state machine for determining 95%.

There are a few methods for proposing and applying changese. New Bitcoin Core Release: TimeLocks Scripts Other Features of v 0. So it has done so form months now. Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github.

Download bitcoin qt i2p for free. Armory To Do List Bitcoin Armory Python based fully featured. Version bits with timeout and delayBIP 9.
Gyorou的草稿本 Aug 8, 另外一种方法是通过BIP148激活BIP9 然后激活BIP141。 BIP148的做法是规定在8月1号强制所有不含有bit1的block违法来实现 由于在7月23号BIP91已经激活了BIP9 所以这个暴力的方法被避免了。 注意容易混淆的是BIP148和实际上8月1号发生的bitcoin cash的是没有什么关系的 bitcoin cash目的是通过硬分叉. Because BIP9 is time based, BIP148 needs to account for the possibility for some of the hash power to exiteg.

BIP148 poses a significant risk for the Bitcoin ecosystem, so we are preparing a contingency plan to protect the economic activity on the Bitcoin blockchain from this threat. Wuille wrote Following the BIP9 recommendation.

Kartent com/ Bitcoinsofa Segwit lock in. But I thought BIP9 used the last blocks to decide on the 95% and the above is only over 1000. BIP9 Version Signaling: Historic Version Signaling: Tips and donations: 1NrohbDoPkARCGdjvtnXbwFLwoBH86pskX bitcoin stats on GitHub.

Org Bitcoin Core version 0. This is important because the realities of system administration on the Bitcoin network are that. After the successful creation of Bitcoin Cash we proudly present the stable, most user friendly Bitcoin full node that allows you to. To avoid using the BIP9 vote.

Layered Chains In response to some of these drawbacks of merge mined sidechainsspecifically Bitcoin, Blockstacka Namecoin competitor) tried a different approach: layered chains. Uutisten kerääjä. From vakeraj Where Will All the Money Go When All.

Jun 7 After the release of our UASF wallet miners have reached overwhelming consensus to implement SegWit via the standard BIP9 procedure of. But very importantly. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars bitcoins are issued , company, managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government bank in charge of Bitcoin.

Programmierbares Geld: CSV per Softfork aktiviert BitcoinBlog. Bitcoin bip9.

Jan 28, 在过去的一年里 共识与管理一直是比特币社区内的两大话题 虽然对于一些人而言 对Bitcoin Core做出一些改变可能看似微不足道 某些提议所引发的派别之争 的确已引发了很大的问题。 在圣地亚哥的区块链议. Hottestbip9 version bits' Answers Bitcoin Stack Exchange In the Bitcoin blockchain, each block has a 32 bit field called version. Mandatory Signaling of SegWit Through BIP148 Begins August 1st Mar 29, it appears the time has come to turn a new leaf in the bitcoin scaling debate.

It contains several fields as described here: Block Bitcoin Wiki One of these is the block header which is described further here: Block hashing algorithm The first field in the block. Bitcoin Core: Class List Visucore High Performance Visual Computing CCCoinsViewErrorCatcher which is shared between bitcoind, while keeping user interface out of the common library, bitcoin qt , This is a minimally invasive approach to shutdown on LevelDB read errors from the chainstate non server tools. Background of this.

To signify BIP9 the most significant bits are 001meaning the most significant hex digit is 2 , 3) the remaining bits indicatevotes' for specific softfork proposals. De v SHA 51 sha badge. The New Litecointalk Forum Dec 9, Whilst we will not be using the same activation measures as Bitcoin Core: Deployment via IsSuperMajority instead of BIP9 Version Bits; Deployment consensus target of 75% vs 90% on Bitcoin Core. All that is solved in BIP9, which.

This module checks the status of these soft fork. Jul 29 cho phép nhiều pháo mềm được triển khai cùng một lúc, Do đó, các nhà phát triển đã phát triển một hệ thống đòi hỏi 95% thợ mỏ của bitcoin phảibáo hiệu” rằng họ đã chuẩn bị cho sự thay đổi này Lần lặp lại thứ hai của ý tưởng này là Đề xuất cải tiến BitcoinBIP) 9. BIP 9 is meant as a readiness measure so miners can activate features safely faster than a user fork.

However as an informational BIP, it is not entirely clear on whether it falls in the Draft Accepted Final classification of proposals requiring implementation the Draft Active classification like process BIPs. I imagine SegWit will be activated on Litecoin at an earlier date. BIP9: versionbits In a Nutshell from RustyReddit Bitcoin Introduction Apr 1 BIP9: versionbits In a Nutshell tt 1UXwnxj Submitted March 31 at 09 29PM by RustyReddit See more here: tt 1q7vRAF. Bitcoin bip9. Anyone know of a website that monitors when a. As a point of reference, the uptake of Segwit as a soft fork is on pace to be the fasted activated soft fork since the BIP9 process was introduced.
Mediawiki) which is aUser Activated Soft Fork” for Segregated Witness. Right now it takes on simple small values like 2 3. Since the Segwit blocks are recognized by all miners the idea of. Bitfury Mines a Block Signalling User Activated SegWit Soft Fork.

Bitcoin qt sourceforge Bitcoin live rates Bitcoin Wikipedia. ビットコイン研究所 Jul 18, ASICBOOST augur BIP 148 BIP91 BIP148 Bitcoin Unlimited BITNATION BU DAO ethereum Factom ICO Segwit Segwit2x trezor UASF Valu イーサリアム イーサリアム クラシック イーサリウム エセリアム エセリウム オーガー サトシ騒動 ジェムズ ジェムズ getgems スケーラビリティ デビットカード ドリアンノード ハイパー. At the beginning of the.

As an example of changes block version 3 introduced new rules about transaction validity as well as anti malleability measures. The short description of this process is that soft forked changes will be enabled once 95 percent of miners have signaled to the network that.
Что такое активируемый пользователями софтфоркUASF. Plany i kierunek rozwoju Bitcoina na rok Polskie Forum Bitcoin Świetnie, że stworzono FAQ i przedstawiono kierunek rozwoju. Bitcoin network graphs Bitcoin network graphs hash rate block version. What happens to my bitcoins in a split.
P2SH CSV CLTV for example. It also allows for up to 29 soft forks to be proposed concurrently When should miners set bits How does it differ to an ISM. Handling Bitcoin split scenario: UASFs BIP148 etc.
1 is now available from: org bin bitcoin core 0. Wang Chun on Twitter What s the goal of BIP 9 if it was not the miners.

Click on the graphs to see larger versions. Hi which Pieter Wuille recently refinedand implemented) into its final form.
Even though some may consider this change unnecessary given that LTC s network is far from congested, it represents a great testing environment for those who advocate Segwit for Bitcoin. Up until now we ve had to completely serialize soft fork work also had no real way to handle a soft fork that was merged in core but rejected by the network. Segwit은 Segwit2x나 UASF에나 모두 포함됨; BIP9의 액티베이션은 Segwit UASF, Segwit2x의 모든 단계 이전에 시작되었음, 년 5월 1일 시작 년 5월 1일 종료; 비트코인은 UASF실행날인 8월1일 legacy 비트코인과 Segwit 비트코인으로 분리될 수 있고 만약 Segwit2x가 8월 1일 UASF 이전에 그들의 시그널에서 legacy.
SegWit2x BIP148 Wirex s Contingency Plan Bitcoin Wallet. BIP65 6351Currently being deployed with ISM block version 4. Bitcoin Core: Version bits FAQ for miners Jump to What is version bits BIP9.

Comments URI: com bitcoin bips wiki Comments BIP 0009. This update implements BIP148 com bitcoin bips blob master bip 0148.

Understanding Segwit2x: Why Bitcoin s Next Fork Might Not Mean. May 4 As Extension Blocks have gained more acceptance from the greater community , industry we ve outlined below some of the most frequent questions comments regarding this new improvement to bitcoin.
Com Jun 22 Designed by its authors as a means tomotivate miners to report Segwit” , to overcome the constraints of the BIP 9, the BIP 148 presents itself as a soft forkactivated by users” By the nodes of the network the exchanges. On Monday June 19 vote to support the program. Some background: Blocks have a 32 bitversion” field.

Thats how the classic version number is made see bip109, it refers to bip9. I2p patch for bitcoin vanilla client. Au> Comments Summary: No comments yet. 0xis a vote for segwit 0xalso looks like a BIP9.
Segwit フォーク問題の簡単なまとめと私見 ビットコインの情報サイトの. Btc1 bitcoin will mostly stay at 0. OpenBazaar Oct 11 if you look at the bip 9 segwit chart on blockchain.

35 Retweets; 93 Likes; Yon Ben Verret ツ ¯ Namecoin Paul R. Bitcoin is developing rapidly. Deployment recommendation: BIP9Version bits specifically 29 of the 32 bits ).
The methodb) was calledcovert” AsicBoost, because it s very difficult to distinguish a block whose Merkle. Bitcoin Core developers have announced they release the new version of Bitcoin network client numbered 0. BIP 0009 Bitcoin Wiki May 14 BIP: 9 Title: Version bits with timeout delay Author: Pieter Wuillepieter. BIP9: versionbits In a Nutshell Rusty Russell s Coding Blog Apr 1, BIP9: versionbits In a Nutshell.
Jun 26 UASF BIP 148 , As opposed as the supporters of each solution may be Segwit2x are essentially trying to do the same thing activate Segwit BIP 141 on Bitcoin in accordance with its BIP 9. 비트코인 세그윗 UASF 세그윗2x 타임라인 Bitcoin Segwit UASF. And I found this: dance blocks. Versionbits npm BIP9 is a specification that allows Bitcoin miners to use the version field in blocks as a bitfield in order to specify which soft fork changes they support.

SegWit AVC Dec 8 what it means for Bitcoin if it is not confirmed. Brevity is the Soul of SegWit BlockCypher Blog Jul 1, Problem: Bitcoin s BIP9VersionBits) uses these bits for different purposes. Jun 19 In order to solve the bitcoin network congestion the forum resolved to accelerate the expansion of bitcoin.

Apr 14 The motivation is so that any validating node software released after this BIP9 assignment can eventually understand if segwit is activated by alternate means even when the node is itself a legacy version. Oct 18 in which he stated that BIP 141, Bitcoin Core developer Pieter Wuille made the announcement in the Bitcoin dev mailing list, the SegWit soft fork proposal could be activated on the 15th of November if the 95% hashpower validation threshold is reached. The meeting on June 15 in Chengdu resolved to do the following: Support the New York Consensus SetWit2x program. The Best Bitcoin Mining Pools For Making Money Relay software: Bitcoin FIBRE.

Bitcoin bip9. Version bits allows miners to signal that they can validate the soft fork rules. After the activation of BIP 65 activation mechanism of BIP 34 was retired , the signaling replaced with the BIP 9 signaling mechanism described next.
IN Jan 27 Consensus governance have been two main topics of conversation in the Bitcoin community over the past year. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain BIP 65 CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY was activated by BIP 34 style signaling with a block version4” and invalidating version3” blocks.
Вюлле написал В соответствии с рекомендациями BIP9. Videos Slides, Transcripts White Papers from all three workshops. Most important a fix the issue that some people saw their node gettingstuck' syncing a week or so in the past. The relation between Segwit AsicBoost, covert overt. Eric Lombrozo on Twitter Bitcoin protocol developers did not create Bitcoin protocol developers did not create BIP9 so that miners could engage in market manipulation.
Please note that software that supports the GetBlockTemplateGBT) RPC must be upgraded to support the BIP9 and BIP145 changes to GBT. By clapping more less . Blocks with unexpected version. Jul 5 die es erlaubt, dass die Miner über die Version Fields der Blöcke künftig nicht mehr nur noch über eine, Den Anfang machte BIP9 eine Softfork sondern über 28 Softforks gleichzeitig abstimmen können.

Oct 28, Effect on Bitcoin mining. Jan 27 worldwide, Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed decentralized digital money. According to the rules of BIP 9Version bits FAQ for miners) these bits can be set with certain values to indicate support for soft forks. 1 released 15 April.

Bitcoin portaali. As of February 152 BIP numbers have been assigned although only 27 BIPs have reached the active final stages of development. UAHF: A contingency plan against UASFBIP148) blog. Dec 14 VersionbitsBIP9) is approaching maturity will allow the Bitcoin network to have multiple in flight soft forks.

Note this is by far not the first soft fork Bitcoin has done. Bitcoin Cash: Why It s Forking the Blockchain and What That Means. Bespoke Bitcoin Solutions Apr 18 classic was the first to support , just passing along Ehm, ThomasZander throws some doubt on above theory claiming classic supported bip9 all alongunverified by me roll out BIP9.
Lightning Network on LTC. Bitcoin Forum Mar 13, BIP9 redefines the nVersion field to be a bit field rather than a number. The idea is that miners will signal their readiness for a soft forking protocol upgrade before it activates in an attempt.

5 with Bitcoin Cash Aug 22, Bitcoin Classic updates the 1. Segwit is already activated enforced on testnet so you may find it useful to. The version bits BIP9 system is a way to introduce backward compatible rule changes to the Bitcoin consensus rules, known as a soft fork.

The release features a new mechanism of soft fork deployment BIP9, which in turn activates proposals BIP68, 1 с SegWit выйдет 15 ноября Bits. All the programs linked above that support GBT have been upgraded. Changes in Bitcoin need to be consensuated, at risk of producing hard forks that endanger the system. Bitcoin Core Review Open Source Bitcoin Blockchain Node Software. To mine another fork) which would make block intervals longer.
Rusty Russellcoauthor of BIP9 : I support a UASF for Segregated. Bitcoin Core version 0. In plain English what does it mean to signal at bit 1 bit 4. Bitcoin bip9.

A type of digital cash bitcoins were invented in , can be sent directly to anyone anywhere in the world. Cai Hegeler 蔡致远 NotGoxed o0splat0o NextttPlz] BashCo DonLTC. The Bitcoin Group146 UAHF Price Tumbles Coinbase Freeze. The BIP148 proposal has been gaining a lot of support as of late.

Trade Bitcoin is a complex of works connected with the financial support of private individuals organizations currency exchanges digital currency. BIP91が失敗に終わり BIP148が発動するような状況になった場合は 上のようなリスクに加え次の次で書くBitcoin ABCによるハードフォークの可能性 さらにはそれ. Bitcoin bip9.

That shows status. Feel free to choose one begin working on it just check that no one else is working on the same thing.

For this reason, it is also known as the Satoshi client. Initially the software was published by Satoshi Nakamoto under the name Bitcoin later renamed to Bitcoin Core to distinguish it from the network.

Entenda o que é o potencial fork do Bitcoin e prepare se. Mediawiki at master bitcoin bips GitHub BIP: 9 Title: Version bits with timeout and delay Author: Pieter Wuillepieter.

BIP 9是什么 凭什么它能让软分叉更容易部署 巴比特 服务于区块链. Thus, I think we should push for a fork that changes the merge mining format so that it does no longer mess with.

The economic majority is ready for BIP9 SegWit, only waiting for miners who are given the royal privilege to activate it. Why Is Bitcoin the only supported payment method. BIP 9 Lockin Status Graphs Bitcoin Forum I know there is this: com bitcoin bips blob master bip 0009 assignments.

Adam Back: Bitcoin is not controlled by the miners bitcoiner today Dec 3 this increased politicization of Bitcoin s consensus rules is partly caused by a misunderstanding of miner signalling, In Back s view which is outlined in Bitcoin Improvement ProposalBIP) 9. Extension Block Frequently Asked Questions Purse Blog Sep 5 Hence the scalability problem would remain. The standard is defined in. It is the reference implementation for bitcoin nodes, which form the bitcoin Developer s Bitcoin Core developers. Namecoin plans to hardfork to fix this. Jul 20, SegWit relies on a system called version bitsas specified in BIP9) for its activation. 2 replies 35 retweets 93 likes.

BIP 9: Enabling Easier Changes and Upgrades to Bitcoin Bitcoin. One clap two clap, three clap forty. Jan 27 Consensus governance have been two main topics of conversation in the Bitcoin community over the past year.

Bitcoin Blockchain FAQ. Bitcoin Classic Announces version 1.

Do we have any experience using theseanyone can spend” outputs. Bitcoin bip9.

Called Segwit2x the plan calls for a very specific forkor a change to bitcoin s rules one that would make certain rules valid that weren t valid before. Ready Steady Fork: Bitcoin Core to Release SegWit in November. As such, it is more resistant to. While making changes to Bitcoin Core may seem trivial to some, the politics associated with certain proposals have caused major issues for the development process.

1 released Bitcoin. Undefined info charts nya support; Offizielle Ankündigung des Bitcoin Upgrades bei Block 494.

That s the reason BIP9 has a 95% activation threshold. Bitcoin news May 1 prices , information on bitcoin , Bitcoin, news other digital currencies.

Jan 27 Upgrades to Bitcoin ly 1VsTWLp Submitted January 28, BIP 9: Enabling Easier Changes at 06 09AM by kyletorpey via reddit ly 1nPUuAg. The Road to Segwit Activation UASF Segwit2x Segwit.

The version bits system is a way to introduce soft forks to Bitcoin by allowing miners to signal that they are ready to validate the soft fork rules. Things that need to be done for Armory are listed here. Bitcoin Core Wikipedia Bitcoin Core is the reference client of bitcoin.
Percentage of blocks signalling SegWit support Blockchain Bitcoin Charts Graphs Blockchain. Donate: 18EQEiQBK1X2DyDL5Y18j78iw4NuNHoLej Featuring.

Dopracowanie istniejących rozwiązań i poprawa wydajności całej sieci Bitcoin poprzez zmiany niewymuszające hardforka popieram w całej rozciągłości ) rav3n pl pisze: BIP9 da możliwość jednoczesnego głosowania nad kilkoma wariantami. Jan 13, The current multi stage deployment using BIP9 provides much stronger security guarantees for users by requiring 95% of blocks during a 2 016 block retarget period signal support for segregated witness to activate. Đó là lý do tại sao các mỏ khai thác.

We hope to set this as an example to the. Also referred as Segwit. BIP 148: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal KryptoMoney.

Trade Bitcoin Trade Cooperation SPACE Bitcoin Trade Cooperation SPACE. Bitslog Apr 10 Since the semantics of the nVersion bits changed according to BIP9 currently a random change in this field is interpreted by Bitcoin Core nodes as the signaling of non existent soft fork proposals. Info site you ll notice the miners have no incentive to fix the situation because with Lighting Network it s mostly off chain transactions.
3 version with various bugfixes. Segwit 到底是什么. That is quite a big failsafe, although it may turn out to be. BIP 32 supportNew C + wallet format ; Compressed key supportNew C + wallet format ; Hardware wallet supportNew C + wallet format ; BIP 9 Deployments.

CoinDesk Jul 28 developers developed a system that requires 95 percent of bitcoin s miners tosignal" that they are prepared for the change The second iteration of this idea, Because of this, which allows for multiple soft forks to be deployed at once is Bitcoin Improvement ProposalBIP) 9. Why Are Miners Involved in Bitcoin Code Changes Anyway. The New York agreement is also. So in the next couple of months they not only have to argue why we should risk a hard fork to increase the max block weight to 8M but also why we should ignore months of core development in the process.
The trade cooperation Bitcoin interested companies from all sectors of activity. A wallet stores the information necessary to transact bitcoins. Miners' upgrade confirmationaka voting.

It s similar to a stock spin off. Bitcoin bip9. I got the impression Bitcoin Unlimited had the least support but I looked at the graphs again it looks like they don t. Org/ Bitcoin ABC.

Com Jun 14, Bit 1: The BIP9 version bit in a block header used to signal for SegWit activation. UASF Working Group There are strong economic incentives in the Bitcoin system for nodes to cooperate and remain in consensus to prevent chain splits. Bitcoin Developer and.
Bitcoin Begins Segregated Witness Era, What Happens Now. Dies soll Bitcoin eine deutlich größere Flexibilität geben, um in Zukunft mehr neue Features. Chain Query: Bitcoin API: getblockchaininfobip9 softforks object) status of BIP9 softforks in progressxxxx string) name of the softforkstatus xxxx string) one ofdefined started locked in active failed bit : xx numeric) the bit0 28) in the block version field used to signal this softforkonly forstarted" status startTime : xx numeric) the minimum. Bitcoin bip9.
The Scaling Bitcoin website is awesome. Miners with the new Bitcoin client create blocks with the version set to 3. Litecoiners expect Segwit for January Decentralize Today Dec 29, Activation for the segwit soft fork is being managed using BIP9. A BIP9 signaling process should activate enforcement of the new implementation, requiring that new blocks be acceptable to each implementation before they are considered valid. See BIP8 BIP9 the Deployment. Chinese Bitcoin Roundtable Forum Declares Support for SegWit2x. Vertcoin Decentralized P2P Digital Currency Proposed changes to Bitcoin Core are assigned a number like BIP 16 or BIP 9.

Segwit2x uses BIP 9 activation. Bitcoin dev] extended BIP9 activation of segwit, for legacy nodes. The Bitcoin Crossroads Summarized BEEVA Labs Jul 28 it needs 51% of hashing power in order to be safely backwards compatible with non upgraded nodes, Not quite however it s always safe with upgraded nodes. In the worst case scenario, 15% hashrate support will still guarantee activation for BIP9 compliant nodes.

BIP 9: Enabling Easier Changes and Upgrades to Bitcoin BitCoin. You have x BTC beforehand afterward you have both x BTC xBTC X. Stagnation risk: A. Com> Peter Todd org> Greg Maxwell org> Rusty Russell com.
This will severly interfer with the current way merge mining is handled through nVersion. Another issue is the slow path towards adoption.

By following BIP9 s upgrade parameters, miners can begin supporting SegWit on November 15th by joining to the 0. BIP9 voting starts tonight. Defensive Consensus: Getting to a Multi Implementation Bitcoin Network May 1 Bitcoin Core is the C + implementation of the Bitcoin protocol released by Bitcoin s architect Satoshi Nakamoto.

Namecoin Forum View topic Changing merge mining format for BIP9 It seems that Bitcoin is getting serious about using the individual bits of nVersion for softforksBIP9. BIP 9: Enabling Easier Changes and Upgrades to Bitcoin. Bitcoin BIP 9 Blockshistorical) Summary Coin Dance Bitcoin BIP 9 Blockshistorical) Summary. Bitcoin Cash bitcoincash.

Status updates for BIP 9 68, 113 Daniel Cousens opened the issue a few weeks ago, 112 that BIP 9 should progress to. This signaling is done by setting the soft fork s relevant version bit in a block.

Bitcoin bip9. Mar 28, Welcome to the Bitcoin development mailing list shaolinfry. FiThis whole signaling thing is a huge problem that I think created a very terrible narrative ” said Lombrozo. CCCoinsViewMemPool CCoinsView that brings transactions from a.
Bitcoin DEV если будет достигнут порог согласия 95% майнеров1916 блоков из последних, содержащее софтфорк SegWit, что предложение BIP 141, где заявил, может быть активировано 15 ноября поддержавшие активацию софтфорка. Nov 1, Bitcoin is gearing up for what could be the biggestand least understood) change to its software to date.

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BIP9 Archives BitNovosti. com Вниманию читателя предлагается эксклюзивное интервью с Люком ДжуниоромLuke Dashjr, одним и ключевых разработчиков Bitcoin Core, автором полного кошелька Bitcoin Knotsкуда обновления попадают чуть раньше, чем в оф.

релизы Core, а также очень хорошим человеком.

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Что ждёт Биткойн в. 1 Released And Ready To Roll Apr 22 April.
The day marked the official release of the latest version of Bitcoin Core, i. In my recent blog titled New Bitcoin Core Updates Rolling Out ” I underlined a few anticipated changes and enhancements in this new version including the deployment of BIP9, soft fork.

複数のソフトフォークの並行デプロイを可能にするversion bits BIP 9.
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Apr 19, version bitsというのは のBIP 9で提案された仕組みで Bitcoinのブロックのversionフィールドの解釈を変更し 複数の下位互換性の変更 ソフトフォーク を並行してデプロイする方法を提案している versionフィールドをビットベクトルとして解釈することで 各ビットを個別の変更を追跡するために使う コンセンサスの変更が成功. Bcash, BCH, Bitcoin Cash WeUseCoins Aug 1, Bitcoin Core team deployed SegwitBIP141) last year; Miners refused to activate Segwit via BIP9; Users deployed UASFBIP148 by shaolinfry) to require SegwitBIP141) signaling by August 1st; Miners activated BIP91by James Hilliard) on July 20th in response to UASFBIP148 ; BIP91 complied with. ForkLog Dec 5, nTime.

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BIP34 1526 March 25th block 227931 nHeight. BIP66 5713 July 4th ISM v3.