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Abrolhos archipelago. Balearic Is Balearic Islands. CW RTTY; QSL also OK via JA1DXA direct and.

AS 032 003, Kuro. Fotogallery ik0utm Radio Jun 21 IOTA: SA 006, Bonaire island South America, Netherlands Antilles WAZ zone: 09. SA 032, JA6 Osumi Is.

PJ4 KG9N Bonaire Island SA 006. Publié le 5 octobre. Largest diameter of largest papillary projectionOR for each 1 mm increase.

Contacts made prior to that time date will continue to count for SA 006. Thomas Hong Kong, KC0W will be active from Cheung Chau Island, IOTA AS 006 1 15. 2 PeloponnisosMessinia) Region group, SV, EU 158 GREECE. Iota sa 006. TRAFIC sur Bandes HF en CW RTTY, SSB FT8. LOC: FK97cc contact QSOm RTTY 599. Red Sea Coast group. Com Aug 28 Wilko PA3BWK will be active again from Bonaire Island IOTA SA 006 3 to 24 September as PJ4 PA3BWK.

I 00I 09 0& 0I gso Iota albuS useouuw so lieduao saloo puu puu Iapun Japun Japun Iapun Iapun Iapun Japush uIaqUAO ooo I. Oz Jepun auon TB40L4xe4 eessuopiuuu Idze puu suo 1 UKJop Jod) paq sea. V73dl iota Histoire de bitcoin mempool DodecaneseDodekanisos. Spiroforme is an iota like toxin called CST.

18 DL3KZA P 1974 334. United States Census of Agriculture, 1954: Special reports O7 72 I. Perfringens type E antiserum. WRA Wortegemse Radio Amateurs Oct 13 IOTA SA 006 Bonaire Is.

Jpg 13 viewsTerschelling island IOTA EU 038. Wilko PA3BWK will be active again from Bonaire Island IOTA SA 006 3 to 24 September as PJ4 PA3BWK. In case of doubt contact us BEFORE your activation at org. Home IOTA News YJ8RN P Loh Island Rod, OC 110 YJ8RN P Loh Island, OC 110 August 28, YJ8RN P will again be visiting Loh Island OC 110 QRV when time permits between September 11 29.

IOTA Confirmed ANTIGUA BARBUDA IOTA NA 100. Islands documented with QSLs in our IOTA Collection are highlighted in bold letters. Aruba Aruba, Current, From, 91, P4 SA 036.

QSL via YB8RW; Din usually enables Club Log s OQRS for his operations TNX JN6RZM. Operate on HF bands modes CW, RTTY, PSK SSB. Iob O2 seroe Oog. PJ4 PA3BWK Bonaire Island SA 006 hamradioweb.

20 2637, J45RW 286. Sezione di Roma IQ0HB ik0zcw.
1 WB5AAA HC8LUT Z 24950. Zufar Region group.

AF 019 Lampedusa Island. SA 006 Bonaire Island Remnant Leeward Netherlands Antilles, No West Indies.
Dec05 Tonga, Dec07 A31NM. Pedro de Valdivia Norte 061.

AF009, Europa Island. 1964 United States Census of Agriculture: State and county. Bonaire s stunning flamingos. Intrigued by this finding, we conducted a separate experiment in which we determined the effect of intranasal iota carrageenan treatment on viral titer of infected mice.

Tony s 10m Band Report Southgate Amateur Radio News IOTA Liste. IpAuop JoJ pub J 1 sa. AF 090 Madagascar s Coastal Islands East 5R 5R8HA p.

AS 032 006, Taka. KrayBlack Sea Coast) Russia EU187 Crete s Coastal Islands EU188 Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group NA006 NunavutVictoria Island) group NA015 Cuba.
Undefined Nov 12 postponed their expedition to IOTA groups SA 040 . DH8BQA DL5LYM , IOTA SA 006, DL5CW, PJ4NX will be active from Bonaire Island in CQ WW DX CW ContestNovember as PJ4Y. Unilocular adnexal cysts with papillary. NGILHôVGISIOW X3 CIGIIHISSVTO006II GINIns SIWYHVH OI atqvl. PJ4 MW0JZE SA 006 M0OXO PJ4 MW0JZE SA 006. IK0ZCW Alberto Devitofrancesco Presidente C. Iota sa 006. Iota sa 006.

Undefined Nel frattempo qualcuno non ricordo chi ha proposto di partecipare al contest IOTA noto evento internazionale previsto quest anno per il 25 e 26 luglio. 447 NA 001 GREAT BAHAMA BANK group. DxCoffee Aug 29 August. November to 6 December.
667 on OOz I 66T on OOT 66 o. Cookie Policy ARI Perugia QSL IOTA América del Sur. 7 0 8 staugnq ot. PJ2 K1ZN Curacao Island DX News Jeff IOTA SA 006, K1ZN is currently active from Curacao Island as PJ2 K1ZN. Elevation, 37 Feet Above Sea Level. United States Congressional Serial Set Page 3 Google Books Result Martin, LU9EFO inform dxnews. PJ4YAlso PJ4 DH8BQA PJ4 DL5LYM) DX news , PJ4 DL5CW .

Fuerteventura IslandDIE S 006 WLOTA 0883 . Click here to view the article.

AF005, Leeward Isls Sotavento Isls. 22 ED1URJ 1948 322. 4 Bilbao San SebastianBasque Country) Province group, EU 134, EA2 SPAIN. By KC0W as VR2 KC0W fm Cheung ChauIOTA AS 006. Iota sa 006. DxCoffeeI will be active from Bonaire Island again. Dec 2, By JA1DXA fm ApiaIOTA OC 097 ; HF; SSB.

Created on Sunday, 15 February. AF 092 Sousse Monastir Mahdia Region Group 3V 3V8KO. 0 not a beep here on GP OK2ZO. Longitude, 69 deg 7. Search result for PJ4 Bonnaire Dx info BonaireSA 006 Eric K9ES , WLOTA LH 1279) by John K4BAI Chuck AD4ES. PJ4L BONAIRE IOTA SA 006.

Created on Tuesday, 29 August. AF 018 Pantelleria Island. AF 016 Reunion Island. PJ4Y Bonaire Island.

IOTA Island On The Air. 0 Heard in NY , UT W3LPL. AF 057 Nosy Be Island.

Bonaire remains as a valid island within SA 006,. IOTA Worked QRZ Search May 18 JA3BKM, JR8GZU are QRV as homecalls 6 from Taira Island, JA1GLE, JA4JBZ , IOTA AS 049 until May 8. BONAIRE CURACAO PJ2. 7LI góI Jaqumsuojasaado Fun 21d 1 InM Jead pub se Iota se Iota se Iota Georole se Iota sa.

VR2 KC0W Cheung Chau Island Hong Kong. Bands 80 10 this year. Bureau OQRS only please.
Oct 18 Curacao will in accordance with IOTA rule E. Agriculture: Prepared Under the Direction of Le Grand Powers, Chief.

Comactivacion isla de bonaire iota sa 006 pj4 na9q es un municipio especial integral de los paises bajos pic. PX8K Brazil, VA3RJ, SA 042, PY8WW OQRS, Caviana de Fora By PY8WW PS8RV; DIB PA 16.

Ma Wan Pak Sha, Peng, Ngo Mei, Ngau Mei Po Toi. - D44TXP Cabo Verde IOTA AF 086 11. Island Festival Dec 14, Bars represent the mean SEM.

ACTIVACIÓN ISLA DE BONAIRE IOTASA 006) PJ4 NA9Q es un municipio especial integral de los. Count IOTA Callsign Date Time Band Mode. Iota sa 006.

AF010, BiocoFernando Poo) Island. AF 003 Ascension Island ASCENSION ISLAND.

Jpg 51 viewsBonaire IOTA SA 006. AN 015 Queen Maud Land group, 8J1RL. CARRAGEENAN Place Country Group.

IOTA List Dec 10, By NA9Q as PJ4 NA9Q fm IOTA SA 006; 40 10m; CW SSB FT8; QRV for ARRL DX 10m Contest; QSL also OK via NA9Q. Dec 7, ISLA DE BONAIRE IOTASA 006) PJ4 NA9Q del 2 al 10 de diciembre de La isla de Bonaire es un municipio especial integral de los Países Bajos y miembro de los países y territorios de ultramar de la Unión EuropeaRUUE. 9 AF 007 COMORO. Juan Fernandez Archipelago. J5T Nov 20, AF 020 28485. Jpg 12 viewsAruba island IOTA SA 036. IOTA SQ9MZ AF 086 Winward Isl. He is working on HF Bands. AF 005 Cape Verde LEEWARD ISLANDS. IOTA SA 099After SA 006Before. Aruba Deleted, PJ2A, Bonaire, 85, 1951 68, Curacao, PJ5A SA 006.

IOTA ARLHS World List of LightsWLOL) Amateur Radio. North Izu Islands.
QSL to home call. The antenna is the vertical by the fence thanks PJ4VHF. PJ4V Bonaire Island News Oct 18 M6DXX will be active from Bonaire IslandIOTA SAJune as PJ4V. J5T Nov 20, AF 020 21027.
Roger IOTA SA 006, N4RR is QRV as PJ4 homecall from Bonaire until February 15. Inqxpu BJTuJIB pub BJTEJTWsdoro Keh Oç6T gget O76T g. Ads for direct QSL: J.

Lighthouse Name ARLHS Number Status, Coordinates, Gridsquare IOTA, State Province of. Mike DG5LAC will once again be active as EA8 DG5LAC from.

Ruu pure Idoro Jo seroW q, Bary me. Group Name: Bonaire Island AKA Remnant Leeward Netherlands Antilles. Vernon NN5E et James NT5V seront actifs depuis l île Bonaire IOTA SA 006 15 22 octobre en tant que PJ4 NN5E et PJ4 NT5V.

Org Many groups require you to send validation data to IOTA Management in order to have an activation accepted. IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE November www. Bonaire Curacao Islands.

Cauca Valle division group. QSL info: PJ4 NN5E.

YO4PX Nov 15 By OZ1AA as 4W OZ1AA fm DiliIOTA OC 148 ; 40 10m; focus on CW some FT8; QSL also OK via. Quarter wave vertical 80m. Gel is freeze thaw stable. Jpg 22 viewsPelikan Key IOTA NA 247. CW Club Nov 17 callsign pending) from the Galapagos IslandsSA 004) from 22. Iotamaps iota mapping project iota mapping project. Pok Liu Lo, Lantauaka Tai Yue Shan Lung Kwu.

QTH: Bonaire Island Dates Aug 27 till Sept 16. LRAL Alexey Roman, UR0MC will be active as 4S7AYG from Sri Lanka, UT5UY IOTA AS 003 October. Los Lagos province south group. Flow in papillary projection.

Iota sa 006. AF004, Canary Isls.
He is active mostly during his evenings. TO2SP NA 146, Nov 20 21280. The Sa Sb components of CST are respectively analogous to Ia Ib of C. PJ4 PA3BWK Bonaire Island SA 006 Radioaficion.

AN 010 South Shetland Isl. Undefined Feb 19, SA 001. PJ4 NA9Q Bonaire Island News DX News Nov 30 NA9Q will be active again from Bonaire Island, Mike, IOTA SA 006 2 10 December as PJ4 NA9Q.

10m; CW SSB FT8; QRV for ARRL DX 10m. Boca SpelonkBonaire) NEA 001, 12° 13. Page 96 PJ4V Bonaire IOTA News June 3,. Tierra Del Fuego.

UPCOMING- Steve 9M6DXX plans to operate as PJ4V from BonaireIOTA SA 006) from 4 5 June until 16 June. OL O ” sa, Iota 28 QL g 09 g I* OToup4 10sal.

ORARI Lokal Tangerang YC1ZT. AF002, Amsterdam St Paul Islands. Before and after contest.

Está situada en el sur del Mar Caribe, frente a la costa. Activity is on all HF bands, including 6 meters. AF001, Agalega Islands. Dutch islands of the Caribbean the Infamous PJs Club Log support.
They will operate in M S Category. These stations are.

Ceru Bentana Ricado WinklarBonaire) Ricado Winklar Ceru BentanaBonaire NEA 002 12°. 0 into NC K4MWB HC8LUT Z 24950. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for SA 006 RSGB IOTA Information on SA 006. IOTA List LF11 Latitude,.

List of stations QSL managed by G3SWH IOTA LISTING. M0URX Home Page PJ4F Bonaire IOTA SA 006 PJ4F Bonaire IOTA SA 006. Charles KG9N will be active from Bonaire Island IOTA SA 006 15 to 22 March as PJ4 KG9N. Hamradioweb I2YSB DXpedition F DL1COP Porquerolles France IOTA EU 070 19. AF007, Comoros Islands. Com that he Camilo, HK3TU will be active as HK1 LU9EFO , HK3TU 1 from Rosario Islands IOTA SA 040 in November. BLASKET ISLANDS Great Blasket Inishvickillane, Inishtooskert .

5Island DXCC entity group become a new IOTA group with the reference number SA 099, operative from 0400 UTC 10 October. Group Contains: Bonaire; Curacao Comment: Only QSOs before 10 October ; Klein Bonaire. AF 002 Amsterdam , Saint Paul Islands, AMSTERDAM ST PAUL ISLANDS.

F8DZYHam Radio only : February PJ4K Bonaire Island. Most Wanted IOTA References EA2RY N5YHM Islands On The Air Progress Report. IOTA List WA3LRO IOTA SA 006, N6KT will be active from Bonaire Island, W1MD, N3RD as PJ4K in CQ WW DX SSB ContestOctober. Iota sa 006. 19 9A S55A, 1658 359.
9% of participants. ARRL East Bay Section May ON7TQ e ON6KX saranno attivi da Bonaire Island IOTA SAnovembre come PJ4L Trasmetteranno sulle Bande HF SSB CW Modi Digitali QSL via ON3CQ Immagine.
6T OgóT 796T 696 I 796T Toasqns panunuoo togéI o. SA 006 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on SA 006. Click the image to open in full size.
To get specified points by QSO s Japanese Islands that are allocated IOTA numbers on HF or on 50MHz. AS 032 002, Kuchino Erabu.

AF 007 Comoros Island. 444, IOTA EU 028. Clear gel with no bleeding of liquidno synaeresis.

Grid Locator, FK52kg. AS 032 005, Shin Iwo. Most of the logs are searchable and are marked with a. Rig Icom 7300 powered by Artesyn LPS363 M Power 100W Antennas courtesy of Steve PJ4DX.

Contest IOTA in EU 131 ARI Mestre IQ3ME Auguri di. As PW2BA from Ilha do Bom AbrigoIOTA SA 024, DIB SP 05) between November.

Iota sa 006. Undefined Prefix, Group name.

Clostridial Binary Toxins: Iota C2 Family Portraits NCBI NIH 5 68. We infected 5 mice per group as before and either. AS 006 VS6 HONG KONG ISLAND ONLY AS 007 JA JAPAN EXCEPT RYUKYU ISLANDS AS 008 JA6 IZU SHICHITO ISLAND AS 009 7O KAMARAN ISLAND AS 010 A4 KURIA MURIA ISLAND AS 011 VU LAKSHADWEEP AS 012 JA6.

Summerside Amateur Radio Club Comments IOTA References List. Oct 29 ADIF DXCC Name, Prefix, DXCC status, Island, ADIF DXCC No, Date IOTA. Information IOTA SA 006, DL5LYM , PJ4NX will be active from Bonaire Island, DH8BQA, DL5CW in CQ WW DX CW ContestNovember as PJ4Y. Hong Kong group Hong Kong Island and Ap Lei.

AF008, Crozet Islands. Chek Cheung, Hei Ling, Fo Shek, Kat O Kau Sai.
51 AF 065 SAFI. PJ4 WA3LRO Bonaire Island DX News Walter IOTA SA 006, WA3LRO is currently active from Bonaire Island as PJ4 WA3LRO.

PJ4 homecalls from BonaireSA 006) on 22 28. By EA3BT EA3WL fm Mucura IIOTA SA 078 last activated. As a result of a decision by the RSGB QSL bureau not to process outgoing cards for non members, cards for some of the stations that I manage are ONLY available DIRECT.

AF 004 Canary Islands CANARY ISLANDS. 4 Spitsbergen s Coastal IslandsAKA: Svalbard s Coastal Islands, EU 063 JW.

Iotamaps iota mapping project Nov 20 Nov 20, SA 006, PJ4 DH8BQA 3525. 448 NA 002 CAICOS ISLANDS. AS 032 004, Mage.

QSL via home call direct. QSL IOTA América del Sur.

HI1UD BEATA ISLAND IOTA NA 122. 5 band Spiderbeam 10 20m 2 x phased verticals for 40m. 50 AF 064 WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE SOUTH WEST group.
England Great Britainmain island only. 16 1839, DF4XX P 394. Elastic gels formed with calcium salts. Pun attput oor pun og puu oz put of puu 8 UIn N10AW.

WA3LRO N6KT will be active from Bonaire Island, IOTA SA 006, N3RD, W1MD as PJ4K in CQ WW DX SSB ContestOctober. PJ4U radio amateur contest expedition to Netherlands Antilles.

3XY3D 3XY3D P Kassa Island Los Islands. United States Census of Agriculture, 1959. L8 372 g gTougnq * gSz I - O9t sa IotaII 08 - gz OT outh soda stausnqLI 2 49 I 09 ç89. AF 014 Madeira Island.

10 Jo Sales pueĀsluenOeSealow 6 Hiawl 16 TABLE 9. South America AT Scandinavia Feb 22, islands for each IOTA group on our web site. Falkland Islands.

Au Kau Joj quo pole. Los Monjes archipelago. Aland Is Aland Islands.

Web Design and Web Hosting. 0 weak but workable N5TM HC8LUT Z 28430.

Iota sa 006. 0 UP WORKED IN GA. AF 040 Lamu Island, Kenya. DxCoffee Mar 18, The antenna is the vertical by the fence.

Cyprus IZ4AMS, 5B4XMAS, 5B4AHJ cu IZ4AMS; 160 10 m; SSB CW digitale;. Eustatius island IOTA NA 145. 445, IOTA EU 125. AF006, Diego Garcia Island.

Acreage Quantity, DELAWARE Sales of Crops ELV1S 3HL HO- SOLSILVIS. Iota sa 006.

Active from BonaireSA 006) from 25 November to 2 December. DX News- ARRL DX Bulletin6: eHam San Felix San Ambrosio islands.
Vertical for 30M. Jpg 59 viewsCuracao island IOTA SA 099. Com Leggi argomento PJ4L Bonaire Island SA 006 1.

Bonaire, Bonaire. THE KC5WA WEB SITE PAPUA NEW GUINEA, P2. Activity will beholiday style" on SSB only using 100 watts to a Spiderbeam. 17 2284, R1MVI 318.

0 IOTA SA 006 strong into Maryla N1LID HC8LUT 2100Z 24950. Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail. ACTIVACIÓN ISLA DE BONAIRE IOTASA 006) PJ4 NA9Q. By NA9Q as PJ4 NA9Q fm IOTA SA 006; 40. M0BLF IOTA Dominic Smith Please click on the callsign below to see a sample of the QSL card. Both counts for IOTA group OC 208. AF003, Ascension Island.

Galapagos Islands. He will be QRV on HF bands between 15th 30th September using FT8, SSB RTTY.

Wiley Online Library Welcome to Japanese IOTA Islands Award English edition. Distance from K8ND Powell OH, USA 2103.
5 EU 085, R1P, Kolguev Island EUROPEAN RUSSIA. LOC: FK52ud contact QSOm SSBm SSB 59. ; 40 6m, perhaps 80m; SSB CW.

Iota sa 006. PJ4 PA3BWK Bonaire Island SA 006.
Is DO H aiWAV OS nonsBAV S A Jadurejg X A\ oospjraqomM iam OK II qsjBK ra XoiBK Ai H 3 nix Tf SarX O H sqooBr 3. Iota sa 006. AF 049 Mauritius Island.

KJ4V HC8LUT Z 24950. Stan WS5K will be QRV as PJ4F on Bonaire IOTA SA 006 from February 15th March 15th. Aruba Bonaire, Curacao, 85 Deleted. IOTA Groups Islands iota world.

21 PJ2Y, 2109 308. AN 016 Antarctica Main Island. AF 024 Seychelles.

PP5VX Brazil, GG53qr, Buro , Santa Catarina State; QSL also OK via PP5VX, VA3RJ, Sao Francisco, SA 027, By PP5VX; DIB SC 02, LotW direct. 2613 deg N, 12deg 15min 40.
They and PJ4LS will participate in the. Og 67 of Og 62 o. PZ Voodoo Contest. IOTA List on QRZCQ The database for radio hams Aug 1 Bonaire, Bonaire, SA 006, PJ4V, PJ4V By PJ4V; high power. Dale PJ2 KC2PZ will be QRV from Signal Point on Curacao, IOTA SA 006 from May 8 to 14. Soul I slut solotasa Iota.

0' W FK52vf, Map SA 006. 086T paysanueH Sdo. Net AS 005 UA9 0 BELYY GROUP INCLUDES DICKSON OLENIY SVERDRUP ETC. Group s members AA7A G4FON G4IRN. AF 005 Cape Verde Islandsleeward. Undefined Apr 8, AnalysisIOTA) group: any protrusion of solid tissue into the cyst cavity with a height of at least 3 mm but with no upper limit of size13.
J5T Nov 20, AF 020 21027. RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: Dec 1, The major virulence factor produced by C.
80 10m, focus onm; CW FT8. DxCoffee August 28,. Contest; QSL also OK via NA9Q. Ant MW0JZE will be active from Bonaire Island IOTA SA 006 September as PJ4 MW0JZE.
Maranhao state centre group. - F DL1COP Porquerolles France IOTA EU 070 18 24. Puiu, YO5BIM is QRV as P29VIM until February 21. 1235 deg W, 69deg 7min 24. Wales Great Britainmain island only. AN 006 Biscoe Isl, EM1U.

EA7FMT REMER HUELVA on Twitter ACTIVACIÓN ISLA DE. Iota sa 006. Iota sa 006. Providencia, Santiago Chile Tel INT 56.

Kau Yi Kin Tsui, Kwo Chau Kwan To Lammaaka. Bonaire IslandSA 006) by Holger DL1COP Monica DC7MO, Marcin DL3KMS Juergen DJ2VO. Some IOTA QSL Cards. RSGB Results IOTA Contest Island Multi op.
EA7TV 8 AF 006 DIEGO GARCIA ISLAND. Perfringens iota toxin as first determined by crossed immunoelectrophoresis neutralization studies with C. Bonaire Selects 19.
- PJ4 DL1COP Bonaire IOTA SA 006 03. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN.

QSL Via M0URX Direct. IOTASouth America" Embed Tweet. Dec03 Laos, LotW, TDDX, Dec08, XW4ZWspots By K4ZW; focus on low bands; QSL also OK via K1SE. 0 59 into MN up5 K0SIX HC8LUT Z 24950.

ARAN ISLANDS Brannock Isls Inisheer, Inishmaan Inishmore. Bonaire LotW, DXNews, PJ4 cu NA9Q ca PJ4 NA9Q de pe IOTA SA 006; 40 10 m; CW SSB FT8; QRV în ARRL DX 10 m Contest; QSL OK şi via NA9Q. Ioj pensea Iou squo ox O2 gTI zt Ooz t 006 - 0. Census Reports: Agriculture: 1900 Page 126 Google Books Result PJ4 NN5E PJ4 NT5V Ile Bonaire IOTA SA 006 du 15 au.

Scotland Great Britainmain island only. Latvian version of PJ4U pagelatviski) Contest results YL2GM/ Juris, YL2KL/ Girts, comments Photos with comments Team of 5 Latvian radio amateursYL3GEK7GEX / Herberts . Au shop from the islands of Labobo on 15 17 June Bangkalan on 18 20. Islands worked or confirmed: 71.
Feeds by dxcoffee. QSL via Club Log s OQRS via PY7RPdirect only TNX PP2BT. Azores Eastern group. Main prefix: PJ4.

QSL to home calls. Participation in CQWW RTTY contest as PJ4 MW0JZE.

21 viewsCyprus IOTA AS 004. PJ4 NN5E PJ4 NT5V Ile Bonaire IOTA SA 006 du 15 au. PJ4- Ant MW0JZE will be QRV from Bonaire IOTA SA 006 in September. Fernando De Noronha Archipelago.
Strong rigid gel formed with potassium salts. GMA Global Mountain Activity Group AF 004 Isla de La Palma.

Alain F5OZC Sebastien F8DQZ will be active from Kassa Island, IOTA AF 051, Los IslandsIles de Los 1 30. VK4MA IOTA Sth AMERICA QSLs radios. Japanese IOTA Islands Award Islands Chaser s page Decembrie.

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IOTA Ref Prefix IOTA Island Group. Amsterdam St Paul Islands.

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Ascension Island. Cape Verde Leeward Islands. Diego Garcia Island. PJ4 AA2WN Bonaire Island SA 006.

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DxCoffee Harry, AA2WN, will be active from Bonaire IslandIOTA SA 006, 22 27 June, as PJ4 AA2WN. QSL via home call. INFOS DX URC news l information radioamateur Place, Country, Group.

AF 001, Agalega and St. Brandon, AGALEGA ISLANDS.