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Bitcoin appeared as a financial asset like gold at its very early stage. It is hard to say that the current web site has an attractive design. I see often trading bots just making a little cheaper offer. To install on Debian Ubuntu, variants of them use: sudo apt get install python3 python3 pip python nose. Mathematics 15 years; Python, 11 years; Functional Programming 5 years. Maybe it s time to dust off the old Python scripts rejoin the fray, older .
Your own Bitcoin arbitrage bot. Cryptocurrency arbitrage Automated Trading program that detects pairwise and triangular arbitrage opportunities on altcoin bitcoin exchanges. Maxme bitcoin arbitrage Github Repositories Trend maxme bitcoin arbitrage. Arbitrage bitcoin python. Arbitrage bitcoin python. Undefined 02 սեպ, թ. MORE BITCOIN How I business bitcoin for day to day benefit on Poloniex cryptocurrency trade. Chan Associates We are offering the pre recorded online course Cryptocurrency Trading with Python.

Download: com askmike gekko. The arbitrage algorithm is as follows, which is written in Python:. In the link you will find two free arbitrage bots. Stay Away From Bitcoin Arbitrage If You ve Got A Heart Condition.

Bitcoin arbitrage software free Bitcoin checker app Free webinar read more. March futures price250.

BitCoin profits with the Sushi Burger ShuffleRevolutions) In this project, we attempt to apply machine learning algorithms to predict Bitcoin price. Who now runs BitMEX, a bitcoin derivatives venue in Hong Kong. Bitcoin arbitrage bot python calculatrice de hachis bitcoin bitcoin cli.
Show HN: Cointrol Bitcoin trading bot written in Python. Data Mining Consulting. Fortunately, Paymium is. Is A JavaScript Python PHP library for cryptocurrency trading merchant APIs.

Practical Ethereum Arbitrage Experiments koppian adventures 02 օգս, թ. AidoATP Blackbird Bitcoin Arbitrage Tribeca Rolling bot Lucky horse Gekko. Not in R Python, but in a fast language, usually one of the following: C C define THRESHOLD 0.

Potter for one believes a. Multidimensional LSTM Networks to Predict Bitcoin Price. Earning Money in Cryptocurrency Markets by Spotting Statistical.

Project should be developed in either Python 3. There is already one available wrapper for the cryptocoincharts API.
London Startup Seeks to Unleash DIY Bitcoin Trading Bots on the. Earn passive income from. Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading RobotsOpen Source) ITKariera: FWD 08 սեպ թ. Java Jsoup retrieving manipulating data Stack Overflow 16 հնվ, թ.

Bitintruder 6 days ago Crypto Arbitrage A Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Robot assessment. Indicators to account for low liquidity and thin markets.

Bitcoin Arbitrage Risiken, Arbitrage, Arbitrage Tools Exchange. X studentsfinance math. They may be unsafe.

Across 3 exchanges Can easily be extended to do more currencies and exchanges. Automated Bitcoin Trading Bot Pythonhyppo) ArBit: An automated Bitcoin arbitrage trading program.

Well three exchanges one. Program: Javascript nodejs. Assume the trader has10 000.

Bitcoin Arbitrage Program Lianqiang Mao 12 նոյ, թ. Name: Bitcoin Dealer Program: Django. Open source projects. Best Bitcoin Trading Bots Currently Available Captain Altcoin at your.

Youtube Explainer Zenbot. Does pairwise and triangular.

Bitcoin Clients CryptoCoinsRevolution. Justus Moeller Freelance Python Developer for Hire.

Bitcoin arbitrage bot python bitcoin bootstrap dat windows bitcoin macdonald tous les bitcoins valeur bitcoin pour stratégie du mineur de la cpu litecoin. Tradewave uses Python for writing the trading bot code directly in the browser. Betfair Trading Expert. As one would expect, these exchanges also create arbitrage opportunities.

You can use it as a sniffer for reference or it can actually do the trade for you. Top 6 Bitcoin Arbitrage Bots The Merkle 07 ապր, թ. Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity detector. Patrick Keane 07 փտվ, թ. Python HTML, AngularJS CSS. The C based poker bot was sophisticated and included extensive algorithms built with.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Robotfree Crypto. I coupled the neural. Arbitrage What it is and how it works. Now exchange ratesespecially BitCoin exhange rates) vary all the time so you ll need to do a real time arbitrage analysis to find a profitable sequence of trades at any given moment.
Participants will receive Python source code and data for backtesting. Arbitrage bitcoin python.
Although technically not a bot in the traditional sense Tradewave is a new platform that allows users to program their own cryptocurrency trading bots have them trading automatically on crypto currency exchanges for you. It wiki Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities. Earning Money in Cryptocurrency Markets by Spotting Statistical Arbitrage Opportunities tested in Python 3. Nowadays the bot scene might be very different also BTC.

Running Bitcoin Arbitrage using Blackbird. Hosted Version GitHubself hosted version) BitcoinTalk Thread. There is an API for the Kraken exchange written in python 2 and an API for Shapeshift which helped me immensely.

ビットコイン裁定取引のPythonプログラムをBash on Ubuntu on Windows. They can transact multiple times per second, reacting to.

That means you can apply the power of bitcoin Trade Bots Arbitrage Bots Order Bots to your favorite altcoins. For example at one point bitcoin s price at Huobi. A trader will now buy spot Bitcoin and sell March futures contracts. Wenn ja, welche Arten von Arbitrage können am Bitcoin Markt ausgenutzt und realisiert werden.
Nowadays fridges have APIs, bathroom scales so why not money. Musings on HFT in Bitcoin. Track the price difference of BTC on the South African Luno Exchange. Lektionen in Arbitrage trading: NAV Coin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the convenient gateway to buying selling bitcoin other cryptos. Large list of open source and commercial Bitcoin Altcoin trading bots. Now if you don t know anything about Python generators STOPhammer time go read up on them. He then must sell enough March futures contracts to hedge his long.

Also the liquidity in the exchange is low possibly because of the lack of an API that would allow trading bots to engage in arbitrage. Python Programming on Flipboard Python Bitcoin Arbitrage Beyond BTC E, my other qualms with arbitrage trading were the fees lost from trading my BTC into fiat balances. New Services Enabled Zero Low commission bettingWinCoins) Music made of transactionsListen to Bitcoins) Smart contractsEtherium) Time stampingBtproof) Micro donationsLaybit) Tracking places of tensionFiatleak) Virtual IPOs Stock Market Derivativesmpex. Earn Bitcoin chat Ketnet 07 օգս, թ.

Programmiersprache Python basiert. Then using Python pandas, matplotlib , numpy, seaborn I set out to. Programming stop losses in our Python cryptocurrency trading bot.
Bitcoin Dealer is another bitcoin arbitrage bot that can only be used for one particular exchange. Arbitrage bitcoin python. Py file to setup your preferences: watched markets and observers. MORE BITCOIN How I trade bitcoin for daily profit on Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange.

I did some scripts using my preferred languagePython) and an. Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity detector Contribute to bitcoinarbitrage development by creating an account on GitHub Real trading bots are included Dont put your API keys in configpy if you dont know what you are sudo aptget install python3 python3pip pythonnose To use the observer XMPPMessager you. Credentials For each of your exchange accounts you need Bitcoin Arbitrage Python create the Arbitrge authentication keys. Toptal 08 հոկ, թ.
How to exchange Euros for Bitcoins and vice versa Hire Justus. Arbitrage refers to the process of instantly trading one more pairs of currencies odds for a nigh risk free profit.

It gets the live books using the exchanges' RESTful APImost provide these bases calculations off real asks bids currently on the order books. Topic: arbitrage GitHub petenilson zarspread 2.
Hacking a HFT system The Financial Hacker 08 հլս, թ. Gemini Exchange s Sandbox. So yes Bitcoin arbitrage seems easy , very lucrative but it s very risky.

Com Developer s Guide Api Vermutung, dass Arbitrageure sich am Bitcoin Markt bedient haben. Hacker News 13 հլս, թ.

Bitcoin is much more than just a digital currency. This is possible many people do it but the loop can be significantly.

How to make your own trading bot codeburst 09 նոյ, թ. The following 41 pages are in this category, out of 41 total. Historical market and limit order execution prices corrected for volume. Since I like Python Shapeshift already have an account at Kraken this was the way to go.

Support for all major Bitcoin exchanges. This can offer opportunities for arbitrage based essentially oninformation arbitrage. When you come in contact with cryptocurrencies, e.

I built this bot during the winter of 14. Comthey are the two largest Bitcoin exchanges all over the world. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Scanner Fixed Price 150 Upwork™ App needs to scan at least top 20 exchangesaccording to CoinMarketCap) App should allow search parameters such as min. I am trying to design an algorithm to calculate how volatile the price fluctuations of a commodity are.

Topic: arbitrage GitHub Tischler Center walkjivefly ArbitrageBot 1. Building your own cryptocurrency trading bot using Python and the. THE REALITY OF TRADING BOTS IN CRYPTOCURRENCY. Xrypto: opportunity detector sell, automated trading in crypto exchange market; coinx: Buy find the best prices for crypto currencies from multiple. I recently polled the members of the cryptocurrency traders lounge to find out the most common futures related questions I have put together a 5 minute guide that will tell you everything you. You can get the benefits of both by combining them in 1 app.

Crypto arbitrage working4coins Google Sites Triangular arbitrage opportunities is a trading strategy to take advantage of price differentials. Most of the work I do is in R because of the vast amount of statistical libraries available and loads of functionality I have written over the years is in R. What I needed was something simple and purely for speculationplus for Bitstamp. Ein Verkauf auf Poloniex gegen Bitcoin und ein Kauf von NAV 2 auf Bittrex für diese Bitcoin wäre besser gewesen.
Back then I remember being able to find open source bots only for cross exchange arbitrage. Arbitrage bitcoin python. For the first phase of our investigation we aimed to understand better identify daily trends in the Bitcoin market while gaining insight into optimal features surrounding Bitcoin price. He plans to release this feature in two to three weeks, he said.
Our bitcoin arbitrage and trade bots features everything you need. Most of my code resembles spaghetti if I were to refactor the python code I would use a.
Today we ve got a little video that looks to benefit all you want to be arbitrage experts out there. Our data set consists of over 25 features relating to. Arbitrage bitcoin python. I was wondering how to get actually get started in creating a price arbitrage trading algorithm.

Smart Contracts with Bitcoin 99Bitcoins 18 դեկ, թ. The idea is to check the price of ETHETC at Kraken ETCETH at Shapeshift check if. Projects Eric Jang High Frequency Bitcoin Arbitrage. Total stars: 1 430; Stars per day: 1; Created at: 4 years ago; Language: Python.

I have 4 Bitcoin L3 exchange feeds running smoothly out of a data center in Californiawhich is slightly closer to Asian exchanges and Coinbase than the east coast. Taking advantage of thesegaps” between bitcoin prices can be quite difficult, especially when things need to be done. X or NodeJSPython preferred. Python is a strong.
Bitcoin Arbitrage. Bitcoin trading bot python Places that accept bitcoin toronto 14 փտվ, թ.
Even if users write strategies in English instead of Python, is there a market for DIY bitcoin trading bots. Related Repositories. This course was conducted by Nick Kirk.

API for all altcoins and cryptocurrency trading pairs CryptoCoinCharts walkjivefly ArbitrageBot 1. The other is a piece of Python code. Arbitrage bitcoin python. BTC Trader: Bitcoin Arbitrage Made Easy.

Ich finde jedoch zum Einen Arbitrage Trading durchaus interessant hatte auch mal mit einem Freund nachgedacht, ein Tool in R oder Python zu schreiben dass gute. Cash and carry profit50 Bitcoin. Bitcoin realtime charts for order book trades arbitrage opportunities.
Cpramnt c python bitcoin. R programmer Tom Johnson showed at the Bay Area R User Group an R script he wrote to do exactly that, pulling.

Genau auf diesem. Profiting from Python Machine Learning in the Financial Markets. One is an Android and iPhone app.

ビットコインの裁定取引 アービトラージ を行うPythonプログラムを作ったのですが どうも動かす環境がなくてほったらかしの状態でした。 ちょっともったいないと思っ. Take advantage of a Java library which streamlines API of 50+ Bitcoin Altcoin exchanges. We re going to be looking at some ultra simple, Python code for grabbing the last buy price from four exchanges.

BitcoinBTC, you quickly realise that there is no single price of BTC at any given moment. Exchange: Bitstamp.

Ruby: com Inkybro cryptocoincharts ruby or com tmlee cryptocoincharts api; Python: com Dirrot python cryptocoincharts api. It s nice to finally see a diverse ecosystem of truly Canadian exchanges.

Traditional money does have APIs, but. Bitcoin Arbitrage Maxme bitcoin Bot Pythonդեկ, թ. Bitcoin Arbitrage Python Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity detector 09 հնվ, թ.

Python, Machine Learning Ecosystem. It took a bit of error handling to handle the unreliability of connectivity with these exchanges, exponential back off where connections. Running Bitcoin Arbitrage using Blackbird Honey Badger of Money 22 փտվ, թ.
Crypto Arbitrage A Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Robot review. Liquidity making bot Arbitrage bot Trending bot. Python Scrapy, CSS, HTML JavaScript.

XChange Java library. Com Pages in categoryFrontends. Considering the recent re surge in buzz around the ridiculous Bitcoin bubble Bitcoin currency momentum of Bitcoin using a.

180 coins supported. Arbitrage bitcoin python. I ve known of bot trading since I was working with cryptsy, but a good close python proficient expert friend of mine had shown me that bot trading was not only risky but could be gamed to you.

Arbitrage bitcoin python. Io BTC e, LakeBTC, Bitfinex, Kraken Cryptsy. Statistical arbitrage trading in crypto marketsintro strategy) Steemit Inspired by this great article it seems that the steemit community would like to read about statistical arbitrage trading I m excited to contribute my part. Bitcoin Trading Bots.
There are many different markets for the wide variety of crypto coins. Volume base currencies min.

CCXT CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library ccxt 1. Arbitrage bot that currently works on bittrex poloniex. Interested in Arbitrage Bot trading across exchanges with Bitcoin. Arbitrage opportunities CS other exchanges Canada s.

If you need more explanation about it, have a look at. Is mostly written in Python with a very low number of source code comments.

Name: Bitcoin Arbitrage Program: Python Download: com vg3h4hzjrpgcneryjnu5euf6. But I see that in cryptsy almost all alts are traded against BTC which makes me confused about how your trader is supposed to make any arbitrage trade there.

Forked from BatuhanUsluel ArbitrageBot Python Updated on Aug 26. How to get started in creating a simple Python Arbitrage algorithm 25 մրտ, թ. In I developed an arbitrage bot to automatically earn bitcoins in a low risk way. Buy bitcoins Cryptocurrency Arbitrage What do I need to know.

Python Bitcoin Arbitrage Invizibil Please take a look at vendors webpages to see what you say about this product. Arbitrage backtesting bitcoin bot btc crypto. In summary it looks at two CryptoCurrencies: Bitcoin Ethereum. Tradewave wants todemocratise" bitcoin bot trading with a platform for users to script their own bots.

Jkbr 769 days ago. Download and install Visual Studio Code. Ethereum arbitrage bot bitcoin arbitrage bot python bitcoin arbitrage.

GitHub ericjang cryptocurrency arbitrage: Automated Trading. You need Python3 to run this program. Bitcoin Trading Bots: Good idea. I can say from experience that arbitrage is all fun games until one of the four exchanges you are arb ing shuts down takes 1 4 of your money with.

Spot Bitcoin price200. Py example arbitrage config. Choose the prepared files.
Python Updated on Oct 13Most starsMost forksRuby 1. Bitcoin celery django redis arbitrage btc python.

I look forward to their unique partnership in the upcoming Bitcoin workshop. Now you get the oppertunity to catch the next big altcoin price increase by simply trading on promising new. Arbitrage bitcoin exchange cryptocurrency poloniex bittrex bot.

Video Bitcoin 101 Calling All APIs Coding Live Price Data From. Has had 145 commits made by 12 contributors representing 1 339 lines of code. Cp arbitrage config. Org wiki Triangular arbitrage bitcoin.
Bitcoins at Python for Quants NYC SlideShare 20 մրտ, թ. Features: Support of 15 Cryptocurrency exchanges Update: Now it supports 33 exchanges. Arbitrage difference Using streaming API on available exchanges.

The bitcoin arbitrage Open Source Project on Open Hub In a Nutshell, bitcoin arbitrage. Cash Carry Arbitrage With BitMEX Futures BitMEX Blog 15 hours ago XBT to EUR currency chart XEs free live currency conversion chart for Bitcoin to Euro allows you to pair exchange rate history for up to 10 yearsBitcoin Price Chart Euro BTCEUR Bitcoin price for today isIt has a current circulating supply of 167 Million coins a total volume exchanged of. Maxme bitcoin arbitrage Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity detector by. Io Bitcoin Exchange API Services We provide sample code in PHP Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, Go Groovy. Profiting from Python Machine Learning in the Financial Markets 28 մյս, թ.

Usually this involves two exchangesthis is then called a two legged arbitrage ; although more are, of course possible. Haasbot Bitcoin Bot.

Name: Bitcoin Arbitrage Program: Python Download: com maxme bitcoin arbitrage. Then edit config. Gox is currently offering neither fiat withdrawals, nor Bitcoin withdrawals. It is a protocol a transaction language.
Script described there can be used for bitcoin arbitrage virtually. Could you explain Python arbitrage script between two Bitcoin sports exchanges. Bitcoin trading bots Bitcoin Black Hat Forum 21 փտվ, թ. GDAX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading in Bitcoin Litecoin .
P2P means that there is no central authority to issue new money or keep track of. Most of all though it is an application programming interfaceAPI) for money. Basic GDAX API Trading With Python cryptostag 28 օգս, թ. For cross exchange cross currency analytics arbitrage; an out of the box unified all in one API extremely easy to integrate; works in Node 7.
Best Bitcoin Exchange Jump to Arbitrage bots Using Bitcoin arbitrage bots is generally a simpler strategy. Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum.

Rather than moving money out of the country said Arthur Hayes, most automated traders in China are focused on cross exchange arbitrage a former market maker at Citigroup Inc. Automate Bitcoin and Altcoin Trades Altcoin Extravaganza. Doesn t sending BTC from one exchange to another take too long.

I [ free Bitcoin android app. Exchange: Bitstamp Name: Bitcoin Dealer. They were a small nag but not a problem.

Any help at all would be great. Programming prevent losses in our Python cryptocurrency trading bot. Bitcoin is a money platform with many APIs O Reilly Radar I need Arbitrage bot which can automate trades in between Top 10 Exchanges. The spread between buying and selling prices can sometimes be as high as 1.

Cryptotrader allows to. Bitcoin arbitrage bot python Bitcoin wallet transaction id API Wrappers.

Js環境でコンソールアプリとして動作します。 R2 Bitcoin. There are several steps when.

Not because of arbitrage principle itself Javascript, Java, but mainly because you can t trust exchanges 1] random people includes: developerswho wants to rewrite the tool in Ruby Python 2. Learn Bitcoin Day Trading techniques that help you determine where the. 4/ Entry Exit threshold/ HFT arbitrage algorithm/ returns 0 for closing all positions/ returns 1 for opening ES long SPY short/ returns 2 for opening ES short SPY long/ returns1 otherwise int. Took an estimated 1 years of.
Hello this is James D Angelo welcome to the Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series. Tr8dr 14 մրտ, թ. BTC ECHO 26 ապր, թ. Exchange: Bitstamp, CEX.

コインをAPIで自動売買するビットコインの自動裁定取引システムのプロトタイプを開発しました。 以下の取引所に対し 3秒ごとに板情報を解析し 裁定機会があれば注文を送信します。 bitFlyer Quoine Coincheck ソースコードをGitHubに公開しています TypeScriptで実装しており Node. Bitcoin arbitrage bot python Here is a quick real life example where arbitrage can occur because of market.

If you ve ever had an interest in doing some automated cryptocurrency trading, here we re going to take a look at using Python 3 to create a small library of methods that can be re used for scripting of exchange trades. And a mock server.

Using Python With WordPress Bitedge: Helping You Win Bitcoin. Has a young, but established codebase maintained by nobody with decreasing Y O Y commits.

Undefined 5 hours agodiv class panel panel default div class panel heading span style float: right span div div class panel body div class row div class col md 3 h4 class arbitrage head Highest bid price h4 div class arbitrage price 0. Python Arbitrage trader for various Exchanges Bitcointalk Python Arbitrage trader for various Exchanges. The Startup Medium 07 դեկ, թ. Io A JavaScript Python PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 90+ exchanges.

Arbitrage bitcoin python. 777 bitcoin bot 999dice bitcoin bot best bitcoin bot bitcoin bot bitcoin 20 bitcoin 999 bot bitcoin aliens bot bitcoin arbitrage bot bitcoin arbitrage bot open source bitcoin arbitrage bot python bitcoin arbitrage bot reviews bitcoin auto bot bitcoin autosurf bot bitcoin betting bot bitcoin billionaire. I wrote a spiking neural network simulator from scratch in Python and used it to model the dopaminergic thalamic circuit. Python Wordpress are best in class technologies that excel in different areas.

I m certainly not a great programmer, but writing this project taught me a lotand kept me occupied. Arbitrage bitcoin python.

A high frequency trading bot that exploits price inefficiencies between bitcoin altcoin markets for riskless profit. Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot Can i mine bitcoins on my laptop 29 մյս, թ. BTC address for Bitcoin Arbitrage Python funds deposit; 5. Bash on Ubuntu on WindowsにAnacondaをインストールして Python環境を構築することを目指します。 まずは Bash on.

Realtime arbitrage tables. Pawel Lachowicz import

Brian walks you through a simple cryptocurrency trading bot in Python and using the Poloniex API. Hi all I am new here at Quantopian to creating backtesting algorithms.

Bitcoin arbitrage bot python Bitcoin 100 dollars in Python version of. He buys 50 Bitcoin at a price of200.

Arbitrage bitcoin python. The 5 Minute Guide to Bitcoin Futures.

Topic: exchange CodeGayHub 08 հլս, թ. XBT EUR Currency Chart Bitcoin To Euro Rates Trend Bitcoin arbitrage bot python.

Bitcoin Arbitrage and Trading Robots Name: Blackbird Program: C + Download: com xqgravzo8gmn4jihxiwv6m4e Exchange: Bitfinex. Top 6 Bitcoin Arbitrage Bots.

Local offeralgorithmic cny, coins, altcoins, arbitrage, backtest, digital currency, backtesting, algotrading, crypto currency, currency, currencies, crypto, btc, api, cryptocurrency, dash, altcoin, bot, crypto market, bitcoin, coin, darkcoin . Bitcoin Express Bitcoin Mixer Bitcoin android Bitcoin js remote Bitcoin JSON RPC Client Bitcoin python Bitcoin Qt BitcoinApp BitcoinChain BitCoinD Cloud Hosting Bitcoiner BitcoinSpinner Biteasy BlockChain. Arbitrage bitcoin python. All major USD GBP, EUR CNY exchanges.

19 div div div class col md 3 h4. Haasbot supports over 500 altcoins accross all of our supported exchanges. Crypto Hearsay 18 նոյ, թ.

Opensource bots like RBTC Arbitrage can be installed for free. Our bitcoin bot can allow you to automate bitcoin trades using technical analysis indicators. Best Cryptocurrency Trading Robotfree. Ccxt 1 Poloniex trades 09 հնս, թ.

Bitcoin arbitrage bot python The rise of bitcoin imdb.

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What is the simplest way to get started with algorithmic Bitcoin. If you are a Java programmeror familiar with the JVM) then you can access multiple exchanges through the XChange library.

This will provide you with a uniform API across 8 Bitcoin exchanges so you ll be able to practice arbitrage and other techn. Bittrex bot php Programming The Bitcoin Pub Bitcoin arbitrage maxmebitcoin Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity detector Contribute to bitcoinarbitrage development by creating an account on GitHub.

Videos Category bitcoin trading bot python Video for kids Akclip.

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Com Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity detector. It gets order books from supported exchanges and calculate arbitrage opportunities between each markets. It takes market depth into account.
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Currently supported exchanges to get data. sudo apt get install python3 python3 pip python nose.

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To use the observer XMPPMessager. Making Money ways: EARN FREE BITCOINS JUST RUN THIS.

Guys I m thinking how to find the higher value of every coin to save the data and make an algorithm to buy when this value resistence is broken. Do any of you guys know how to create this code, to take this higher valu.
ccxt npm A JavaScript Python PHP library for cryptocurrency trading and e commerce with support for many bitcoin ether altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs.