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Iota clublog. IOTA Clublog matching. Hello All, I have 3 questions regarding the IOTA ClubLog implementation 1) According to M0OXO you need your full log on the ClubLog database. MacLoggerDX Mac Ham Radio Logging Software Dog Park Software Sep18 Mauritania, Oct26, By OK1BOA OK1CRM OK6DJ OK1GK OK2ZI 5T2AI fm IK18xc 160 6m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via OK6DJ , LotW, 5T5OK Club Log.
By VK2IR SV1JG SV1GE SV1ME SV1AJO fm IOTA EU 187. If your call sign is missing in a log you may send me email with QSO data as recorded in your log. You can check contacts on: clublog. The station was located in the Quiraing, an interesting mountain top location almost ideally suited to ham radio due to. Org log in go to. 年9月28日 We ll be operating with Elecraft K3s. This will not work for the VE100VIMY/ operations as we have multiple locations on the air at the same time using the same calldifferent modes bands) and it is not possible for ClubLog to know which are IOTA.

年8月14日 IOTA and common logs. Si eres usuario de CLublog y además estás interesado en el diploma IOTA, entonces estás de enhorabuena. 1) First of all you need your full log on the Clublog Database 2) Then go to the IOTA site and Log in. WHEN 1200UTC Saturday 24 July to 1200UTC Sunday 25 July the contest always takes place over the last FULL weekend of July.

AL3 VE7ACN callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster 年7月31日 CG2I Ile aux Coudres, Canada, NA 128, By NA128 Contest Group; QSL also OK via VE2EBK direct , VE2EBK, LotW Club Log. DX Report Early Bird Transcontinental Netdirect DL7UZO , bureau TNX DX Newsletter] OZ Thomas his wife will be active as 5P9Z p from IOTA group EU 171 from 28 December to 4 January.

Iota clublog. Working on HF bands. HD2RRC 4 HD2RRC IOTA Expedition Log DX News Sound starts after calling up the next slide.
Mediterraneo DX Club. How does it work. Contest ASCII File Generation STF format log file: removed support for STF format; Award Others IOTA: added support to display references confirmed through ClubLog asCL ; Removed submodes for JT4,. Posted in CUWS EI G7VJR Expeditions.

It is our understanding that ClubLog matches on time and call. Andrey VK5MAV will be active from Marion Reef Coral Sea Islands, IOTA OC 267 May June as VK9MAV. The VP6T online log and OQRS is on ClubLog. Explanations for problems.

IOTA Group Level GBP 500. RUMlogNG will separate DX spots alert younew one' DXCC IOTA spotted. 59dxhuntergroup QTH.

Iota clublog iota na 204 bitcoin exchanger in nepal bitcoin get all. Awards Tracking Memories, ADIF import, Band Activity, LoTW, export, Schedules, Club Log integration, QSL Generation, much more Hands down, IOTA Confirmations , eQSL the Premier Logger for the Mac. IOTA crediting via Clublog M0OXO IOTA crediting via Clublog. Continue reading.

1) En primer lugar usted necesitas tener tu log completo en la base de datos de Club. And select ClubLog QSO matches. RSGB Contest Committee DXers are encouraged to establish as many contacts as possible on different bands and modes. They will operate CW RTTY SSB on 160 10 metressee com home/ for more information.

Iota clublog. Undefined GENERAL The aim of the contest is to promote contacts between stations in qualifying IOTA island groups the rest of the world to encourage expeditions to IOTA islands. Plus our exclusive Special Callsign LookupSCL) database which is updated daily by Chuck K7PT this database reflects almost every single activation , expedition that needs to be recorded as a different DXCC , handcrafted IOTA. Bis 30 November als TO2SP von St.

Thank you Club Log for making this. Undefined 17 12 au 31 12 Barbados Island, 8P9AR IOTA NA 021.
Connected Log4OM 個人プロファイルで Listed in honor roll か Visible to others のどちらかの 欄をチェックされていない方は リストには掲載されません。 来年以降のアニュアルリスティングで掲載を希望される場合は、 それぞれの個人プロファイルの上記チェックボックスの両方をチェック願います。 IOTA運用局のClub Log へのログアップロード方法のマニュアル. It only works for registered Club Log users and expeditions that have uploaded their logs.

Operators mentioned are Syafyudin. Print Page IOTA awards much easier now club log to match qso s. Luckily the team at Club Log are experts in this provide an API that HamAlert uses. Anne Arundel Radio Club 年7月13日 今回 Club Log との連携による IOTA クレジットが開始されましたが 初めて一枚も QSL カードの提出を必要としない新規申請がありました。 現在 1 DXCC エンティティに 1 IOTA リファレンス番号しか割り当てられていない QSO の照合も可能になっています。 新たに IOTA にチャレンジされる方には朗報かと思います。 ClubLog. Iota clublog. Créditos RSGB IOTA a través de Club Log en Logger32 EA1AUS 年6月29日 La siguiente lista práctica de comprobación está escrito por Charles M0OXO para los lectores DX World.

Now 224 verified but already new. Not ordered any QSL yet due to OQRS not opened.

Org go to settings the clubs tab. Club Log QSO matching for IOTA YB Land DX Club 年6月29日 Enter your Club Log login credentialse mail address your Club Log password call sign) in theConnect to Club Log” section below. IOTA ClubLog qso matching Google Groups 年10月15日 I raised a query on the IOTA mailing list but did not get a response so perhaps it is more appropriate to ask here.

IOTA clublogマッチの問題点 アパマンDXerのショボショボ4 ウェブリブログ By JH7IPR as T88UR , JQ6FQI as T88WM fm Koror IIOTA OC 009 ; 160 6m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via JH7IPR JQ6FQI. Usually the log from latest activation is uploaded on ClubLog within 24 hours of last QSO. Reporting Programme Growth In July we celebrated the first anniversary of the introduction of crediting QSO matches with logs on Club Log.

Clublog is now starting to electronically match IOTA qso s with Logs on the Clublog system that will ultimately give IOTA accreditation without having to produce a card for checking. Interested to knowhow" the IOTAs are known as I have. Oct12 Oct19, A52SJ, Beveridge; focus on NA west coast; QSL also OK via Club Log , LotW, Bhutan, By N6SJ; 160m; CW; 500w; Inverted L, N6SJ . VK6NAX and VK6NX logs 年12月17日 毎年 この時期にIOTAの申請をしております。 今年からCLUB LOGのQSOデータを使ってIOTA申請することができるようになりました。 さっそくやってみました。 まずは大前提ですが CLUB LOGに自分のコールサインを登録して QS.
QSL via G3PHO for both callsigns. 年6月29日 The following handy checklist is written by Charles M0OXO for DX World readers. VALID EU 132 IOTA and SPFF 0307 Flora Fauna.

Log4OM works in partnership with HRDLog. However they are asked to refrain from making repeated QSOs on the same band mode in order to give everyone a chance at logging this rare IOTA group. CR2V HM49kk, Azores, EU 089, DIP AZ008, HB9CRV, FAZ 002; M S, By CU8AS HB9CRV DL2HYH DL8MLD; WLOTA LH 0947, Flores, LotW high power; QSL also OK via. Getting to Pitcairn is not easy. IOTA Now Offering Online Contact Credits ARRL 年6月30日 Col had this on his dx world site dx world. September to 1 October.

IOTA matching with Clublog Google Groups 年6月29日 You need to log on to your IOTA account on www. Cc eQSL Firefox add on automatic downloader for Hamradio eQSL Factory helps automate the production of electronic QSL cardseQSLs.

Here are some photos of the journey and of the VP6T operation. Logs E6AG Niue DXpedition direct, By JA3HJI JA3UJR JH3LSS JI3DNN JA3AVO; 160 6m; CW SSB digital; QSL also OK via JA3AVOJARL Buro Club Log. By downloading verified IOTA contacts from clublog it is much easier to build a database ready for certification, than searching for that card in thesorted.

IOTA Club Log matching how it works more. You can then choose to receive your ZL7G QSLs either via the Bureau or Direct. Downloads QSLs from eQSL. Read what our customers are saying and download the free demo to try it yourself.

URC news l information radioamateur Pour un radioamateurisme. On the way back there was also a small IOTA operation as TX6T p from Mangareva in the Gambier Islands. Or pay $ for one qso.

SHACK: Kenwood TS 590. Com 年7月1日 Re: RE IOTA. Untitled Document SK0HB 年7月31日 CG2I Ile aux Coudres, Canada, VE2EBK, By NA128 Contest Group; QSL also OK via VE2EBK direct , NA 128, LotW Club Log.

ENG KL7 VE7ACN IOTA NA年7月18日 アパマンDXerのショボショボ4のIOTA clublogマッチの問題点に関する詳細記事 Powered by BIGLOBEウェブリブログ IOTA申請でclublogマッチが作動始めました clublogは自局のログをアップロードするとOQRS画面に交信が自動挿入されて キーボードなしのクリック操作だけでQSLカード請求が完結する大変な優れ. Radio amateurs holding Logbook of the World call sign certificates who have uploaded logs to Club Log now can readily cross post them to Logbook of the World.
QSL via Club Log s OQRSdirect bureau) via IZ8EGMdirect. IOTA 200 certificate. The IOTA Update web page will. 3C1L 3C0L Amateur Radio DX pedition to Equatorial Guinea .
Iota clublog. We won t have internet access at the QTH, but logs should be uploaded roughly daily to Clublog. If you are a member of any of the other Club Log clubs, you can add them.
Introduced on the existing. Net 7L3PFH as KH0TG fm SaipanIOTA OC 086 ; focus on 80m for NA SA EU, By JL1UTS as KH0TH also QRV on. HF 6m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via SV1JGBuro direct) Club Log. Michel FM5CD and Gilles VE2TZT in the VP6T operation from Pitcairn.
Archipelago Level GBP 250 499. Start Date HH MM. Club Log: Log Search IOTA Log Search.

Iota clublog. From Whitsundays Islands IOTA OC 160 17 to 18 June.
With Club Log OQRS this makes it easy to. We are happy to send you a ZL7G.

From the IOTA website click onClubLog QSO Matches ” then scroll down , go toMy Credits” click onShow Accepted Activations” to see the list of operations for which QSO matching is available. Col had this on his dx world site dx world. Org Annunciato per il il lancio delpaperless QSLing" per lo IOTA è stato anticipato a fine giugno anche se in versione ridotta rispetto a quella prevista per l anno prossimo. EA1CS pasión por el DX: IOTA y Club Log cómo funciona. Between June 15 17th they will be active from Labobo Island Bangkalan Island between June 18 20th. Spreadsheet fields.
Lux log ClubLog Leagues. AGCW DL VHF UHF Contest IOTA Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON darc. IF9 IK4YCQ from Favignana IslandEU 054) from 26. It has been designed by the IOTA IT Team to meet the specific needs of those participating in the programme. QSL via Club Log s OQRS or direct to Thomas Schlitt. QSL via VK5MAV direct via RN3RQ bureau OQRS ClubLog. Checking and Managing Award Progress DXLab Clublog data are used for automatic DXCC recognition. JA8COE Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ.

VE100VIMY if a QSO whose IOTA item is empty is encountered the QSO. QSL manager database to inform you about current dx activities IOTA database, use an own manager , it can build extracting the information from dx cluster spots. Forums: Chasing DX IOTA, WAS, VUCC etc.

You can receive alerts via Email, Push. DXNL December 27 DX Newsletter a free weekly. H40GC LOGs will upload on CLUBLOG periodically if INTERNET permits it there. QSLing ZL7G 6Gs Expeditions Multiple award moduleDXCC WAS, Oblast, WAZ, WLOTA, DIFI, US Counties, DOK, DIG, HSC, DDFM, IOTA etc. Notícias LABRE MG. Login Form H44GC H40GC web site Yuris YL2GM team leader of two successful past DX peditionsEP2A Annobonprefix 3C0, most wanted30, S21ZEE S21ZED) , Kaspars YL3AIW in October plan to be on the air from Bioko island, Equatorial Guineaprefix 3C, IOTA AF 010) , Clublog s most wanted44 as of September IOTA AF 039. The full ZL7G log is also be linked to the IOTA Database.

Union Francophone des Radio Clubs Belge Nouvelles 1 天前 QSL via ClubLog OQRS. Just email me for more details. More information on.

About HamAlert An unexpected invitation from the Venezuelan Navy gave rise to a DXpedition to Aves Island Isla de AvesYV0, the current number 17 on the ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted List. IOTA JA Check Point Home Page So net. Sep20 LotW, Palau, T88XA, Sep26 By JA3KIO fm Koror IslandIOTA OC 009 ; 160 10m; CW SSB; yagi dipoles; QSL also OK via. Charles M0OXO on Twitter A25UK) First Log uploaded to. Ru/ VK Australia: VI70HIQTH: Australia OC 001) marks the first ANARE expedition to Heard Island in December 1947. Iota clublog. DXpedition Data PD9Z 年7月7日 By ON5TQ ON6QO ON2KMJ ON8VP fm IOTA EU 053; 80.

QSL on order via OQRS. H cd ; JD1BMH: Chichi Shima WLOTA 2269 QSL JD1BMHB, JG7PSJd ; VP5 N9EAJ: Grand Turk Island WLOTA 0289 QSL ClubLog OQRS. The program will also permit use of Google Earth to provide an overlay of all IOTA groups to help you. Thanks to both operators.
Send the spreadsheet to: Call. I hope to be able to upload the log daily at ClubLog.

The OQRS on ClubLog will be available. DJ8OG 年4月26日 Charles M0OXO Qsl Manager Dxpedition, Contest , IOTA DX chaser Professional Qsl Servicewith OQRS facility) offered for IOTA activations Holiday style operations Do u need a Qsl Manager ' m0oxo.

Clublog Well it has finally arrived, what many have been waiting for years to see. Submitted by na1dx on Thu,.

News and QSL Informationsee QRZ. Under that menu you have to provide your CLUBLOG login and you will see your matches. 24 12 au 02 01 Chichi Jima Island, IOTA AS 031, JD1BMH OgasawaraBonin) Islands. IOTA Checkpoint Information W9DC islands in the OC 208 IOTA Group as YB8O. After operation finished corrections then. Have a look i m nearly ready to submit my first application YAY cheers. The logs of this DXpedition will be loaded to ClubLog every dayyes, there are some spots with Internet access on island.
I m in the log according to Club Log. And ClubLog matching. IOTA awards much easier now club log to match qso s eHam Join Friends of IOTA and support the development of the IOTA Programme. This form allows you to check if you arein the log. YV2CAR 1 was operational from SA 089 in October.

Log QSL E51LYC Pukapuka Atoll to go to the Club Log page, OC 098 North Cook Islands Use the link above, put in your own callsign then pressRequest QSL. JN6RZM my IOTA supporting ココログ iota clublog kryptokit bitcoin wallet bitcoin fork august ethereum bitcoin etf filing big brothers bitcoin ethereum classic wallet node connection error. This service has been heavily optimised for large popular logs. Announced DX Operations NG3K.
Si se dispone de una cuenta en Club Log, el sistema en el. The full ZL7G log has been up loaded to LoTW. VI6DH400 Noticias DX y calendario DX DX Maps 年12月12日 IO75KK) during the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 25 26th. Created on Wednesday, 29 June. Criteria for using expedition charts Club Log support staffed by. Clublog is now starting to electronically match IOTA qso s with Logs on the Clublog system that will ultimately give IOTA accreditation without having to produce a card for.

Come riferito su RR di Luglio Agosto è la possibilità di avere la conferma dei QSO e di farli accreditare attraverso il cosiddettoClub Log Matching . Orgor create one. With the folowing headers.

Net website thanks to our. Iota clublog. Club Log gets Trusted Partner status the Radio Society of Great Britain Import export: ADIF ASCII, Cabrillo, eQSL, LOTW, EDI, Clublog, STF RSGB IOTA; Requires Windows NT XP Vista 7 8 10Windows 95 98 Me possibly with restrictions ; All important international contests supported.
We are indebted to Michael Wells G7VJR for making Club Log available for QSO matching for IOTA awards and to Rob Banfield DM1CM for allowing us to incorporate features from iotamaps. In general such operations are not concerned with filling lots of band mode slots but rather they aim to give out as many uniques orall time new ones' as possible. SP5QAZ EU 132 IOTA By G0VDE; 80 10m; SSB, perhaps FT8, CW; amplifier; vertical, RTTY PSK31 wires; QSL also OK via Club Log. Your Club Log credentials will not be stored in the IOTA database.

PressConnect” to retrieve your matching records from Club Log. Consequently such expeditions are not suited to the expedition tools in Club Log, unless they also happen to be activating a rare. Operators mentioned are Peter G3PHO David G8EQD, Mike G0NEY . RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations 年6月6日.

Outside the contest they will be active as GM2ASSheffield DX Group) between July 23 26th. Com RZ3FW informs that logs for HD2RRC 4 HD2RRC IOTA activity from Salango Island, IOTA SA 033 , Puna Island, IOTA SA 034 uploaded to ClubLog.

Acaba de ver la luz el nuevo sistema informático de cruce de logs al. Click here for a list of donors.

IOTA Club Log how it works Station radioamateur ON4CN Claude No need to keep checking these resources manually if you re looking for a certain callsign CQ zone, SOTA summit , DXCC, IOTA island WWFF reference. Then you can go add AARC to clubs you are a member of. NO EQSL NO LOTW NO CLUBLOG.

Dx club log 年7月27日 Myself as a QSL manager I have my own Outgoing QSL bureau facility where if anyone needs to send their IOTA QSL cards to World Bureaus you can do through my outgoing bureau system, though there is a cost ofg. Send spreadsheet to. De = IOTA QRGs CW.
Welcome to the G3TXF website さらに IOTAチームのVE3LYCは年5月にOC 098 E51LYCを実行していただけました 年5月にはOC 179 Taumako Island Duff Islandsのプランを企画しています 彼は大学教授ですが 仕事をしているのかなと思うほどのご苦労です 地質学などが専門と聞いています 本当に頭が下がります Club Log Matchingの親分と言えるで. QSL: Homepage: J5T ist das Rufzeichen das Silvano und seine Team von 13. IOTA This Week in Amateur Radio 年9月5日 Santo Stefanoboth count for IOTA group EU 045) on. Noticias 年7月4日 Muy recientemente los seguidores del diploma IOTA nos hemos encontrado con la buena noticia de la posibilidad de acreditar referencias IOTA sin necesidad de presentar QSL gracias a la estrecha colaboración entre RSGB IOTA y Club Log.

RSGB IOTA Contest Rules. Tous les contacts seront confirmés par Club Log,. New IOTA s confirmed in Club Log SM5CBM; SM5C blogger 年5月1日 Scotand Between May I operated as GM7VJR p from the Isle of Skye Inner Hebrides group IOTA EU 008. IOTA Yahoo Groups clublog 2x.

Undefined 21 小時前 Les opérateurs OJ9X multiples visent au moins 50 000 contacts au moment où l événement se terminera le 31 décembre. Tags: clublog oqrs puna island, hd2rrc 4, hd2rrc salango island.

Jul20 By WW6RG as WW6RG KH9; SSB; 5w; 14205 kHzz, WW6RG, Jul20, Wake I, KH9, TDDX 14235 kHZ after 0600z. Schedules export, IOTA Confirmations , eQSL, LoTW, ADIF import, Club Log integration, QSL Generation, Memories much more.

Iota clublog. Com for QSL details. At 年4月7日 Club Log run by G7VJR has become the first logging service to achieve Trusted Partner™ status for Logbook of the World. TEAM: on the left side SP5QAZ Marcin and to the right side SO5CAL Arek.

Club Log Matching il paperless QSLing dello IOTA ARI Please contact us at org if your software uses data from www. I managed to get in the log of VE3LYC KL7 from NA 172. Then choosemy Credits. Texte en Français traduction google.
One of the first actions of Islands on the AirIOTA) Ltd. While trying to organize its annual IOTA DXpedition to Los Monjes IslandSA 015, members of the Asociación de Radioaficionados de. So, two new IOTA s for moi.

He will operate SSB on 40 10. Island Level GBP 100 249.

Es posible que a estas alturas seas consciente de que acreditar referencias IOTA es posible a través de Club Log. 年7月7日 IOTA Notes. Blog PA3C direct, By G4PWO fm Fonimagoodhoo IIOTA AS 013 ; likey m; SSB digital; QSL also OK via G4PWOBuro , Club Log eQSL.

The logs will also go on LoTW once we re back, but we can t apply for the LoTW certificate in advance as we won t be collecting the radio licence until we get to Ascension. Activity will be onmeters using CW SSB RTTY.

The process of applying for LoTW access has begun and the logs will be loaded there once that is ready too. Bear in mind, this is not the full blown system. Atoll Level GBP 10 99. M0URX Home Page My thoughts about IOTA Bureau today 年2月9日 EU 132 IOTA by: Date: to. VK8BI IOTA OC 185: Club log OQRS available 年8月13日 Yes. IOTA Club Log comment cela fonctionne.

The same with AS 062 with the call RI0FS from Shikotan Isl. Net iota club log matching how it worked for me/ so I thought i would have a play well it makes it alot easier to process every thign especially if you have been uploading to club log. Islands on the Air IOTA Directory News RSGB IOTA 年7月5日 The Islands on the AirIOTA) program now is offering online QSO matching via ClubLog. I Franco, IK4YCQ will be active holiday style as.

Although he did enable OQRS for this specific operation a number of peopleincluding myself) requested their QSLs by that route no. Iota clublog. Oct14 JL1UTS, Oct22, Mariana Is, KH0 DXW. The new managers of the programme, has been to expand the application routes on IOTA s existing software system to include Club Log QSO Matches. Islands on the Air IOTA Directory News Archive RSGB IOTA 年7月2日 They have the opportunity at the time of uploading their activation log to Club Log to agree to immediate QSO matching or to delay it for a period of time of their choosing. G7VJR s Blog Club Log 年12月23日 The new RSGB IOTA system makes it much easier for IOTA certification.

Es ist geplant mit bis zu 3 Stationen 24 Stunden qrv zu sein. Dx Spedition Ponti radio VHF UHF We have had enquiries about IOTA and ClubLog. SO2R modesingle operator two radio. Eqsl review 年8月16日 I am targeting to engage most of you guys to use electronic version of IOTA accreditation.

Club Log と IOTA コンテストのみで IOTA 100 取得 IOTA CP JA So net. The rightmost menu is nowClublog QSO matches. Rich SeifertKE1B.
Utilities by JA1NLX Logger32 QSL: S59ZZ via Clublog OQRS Homepage: Ein vorwiegend polnisches 6er Team wird von 16. L activité continue sur toutes les bandes, y compris la diffusion de météores de 2 mètres et le moonbounce ainsi que 60 mètres.

Barthelemy arbeiten. Cambridge University Wireless Society Web oficial de la Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles, la mayor asociación de radioaficionados en España. Applications Updates.
You may by now be aware IOTA Crediting is possible via Club. Hint 1: if you could not find your QSO, please double check that you are looking in right log. Delaying QSO matching can be done in two ways 1) If you have registered on the IOTA website at rsgbiota. F8DZY The program will allow you to make an initial award application confirmed by Club Log , add to your existing database as you make new island group QSOs which are confirmed by QSL by the annual IOTA contest.

Jan13 Jan21, DXNews, LotW, ZF2PG, Cayman Is By K8PGJ fm Grand Cayman IIOTA NA 016 ; 160 10m; SSB; QSL also OK via K8PGJ direct. Org and you want to have access to this kind of data in the future. Org into the website.
BONUS: All individual sponsors before H40GC DXpedition will receive QSLs direct LoTW confirmation for all their QSOs without having to make an request for that. IOTA Clublog More news; M0OXO 年7月11日 More information has been posted on the IOTA website in relation to the Clublog QSO matching. First statistical numbers after one year. Several contests at the same time possible.

Mediterraneo DX Club 年7月12日 Well it has finally arrived, what many have been waiting for years to see. RSGB iota Create a spreadsheet. UcxLog All logs for the E6AG Expedition are now live on Clublog and on M0OXO Logsearch.

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Foro URE: Tema: Acreditación de Refs. IOTA desde ClubLog年1月27日 Past IOTA DXpeditions.

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OC 138 VK4LDX P Horn Island blogspot. OC 171 VK4LDX P Magnetic Island OC 172 VK4LDX P Fitzroy Island com/. 今年のIOTA申請はCLUB LOGマッチを使ってみました。 ブログバトン.

年11月15日 This is a utility which upload a QSO on ClubLog everytime you log QSO in Logger32.
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When callsign IOTA are enteredmanual or clicking DX spot) in Logbook entry window it showsNew Not confirmed Worked” and current total IOTAs workd in a small window. When DX spot come. RUMLog Next Generation DL2RUM Additional donations or separate paymentsGS or PayPal ClubLog for different islands are highly appreciated. However, it covers just a small portion of travel expenses. Bureau QSLs can be sent either via VE7ACN or via RW0CN.

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I do not collect QSLs, except DXCC and IOTA. The use of OQRS for bureauQSLs is highly.